Images of Peru

Photographs of travels in Peru in 1981, 2006 and 2007

By Barry D. Kass

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The old colonial Cathedral, Plaza de Armas, Cusco. The photo illustrates the power of Catholicism, brought by the Spanish conquerers, over the lives of the Latin people throughout Peru, including the mountain people of the Andes.

Devout Catholics straining mightily to carry a heavy tableau of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus through the streets of Cusco, at an altitude over 11,000 feet, in devotion to their religious beliefs.

The Spanish also brought with them the horrors of the Inquisition, as seen with this wax figure in the Museum of the Spanish Inquisition in Lima.

Aspects of the traditional religious practices of the Andean people during Inca times are still to be found in the small towns and villages of the Quetchua people, as seen with this ancestor shrine in a native house in the Urubamba valley.

Worshipper in one of the ornate chapels in the Cathedral, Plaza Mayor, Lima. The wealth and power of the Church is vividly demonstrated in this picture.

Remnant wall of the Inca Sun Temple of Coricancha, the holiest shrine of the Incas, largely destroyed by the Spanish in order to build a church in its place. Cusco.

"Holy Objects" for sale outside the Cathedral, Plaza Mayor, Lima.

Yagua Indian village, jungle region of Peru near Iquitos. Although most of the native peoples of Peru have been largely eradicated through disease, warfare, enculturation and conversion to European ways, some traditional peoples in the remote jungle region still manage to hold on to their old practices.

Yagua village headman carrying a blowgun.

Abandoned farmstead along the Tambopata River, Amazon region of lowland Peru. This photo symbolizes the desperate migration of poor Peruvians into the jungle region in order to start farms and plantations, displacing the native peoples and cutting down the rainforest in the process. Many of these farms fail because of the difficulties of growing crops in the poor soil of the jungle, once the forest has been cleared.

A great adventure and educational experience was had by all!