Solar Maximum



Tonight a great storm swells
across the sky, drawing me
toward its utter blackness
and thunder; a monsoon wind
holding its hand against
our house.

The moon looks on,
his many faces hiding
behind the driving clouds
and a rain that falls covering
the driveway;
the land lies
upon the earth like a starfish
clinging beneath the ocean,
and I, too, hold and am held
under the storm, the oldest
companion of gravity.

In the dark, the failed flood
of candlelight, and the storm,
I watch lightning splinter,
each spark remarkable before
the cold painted sky-

I bend
against the rain and wind,
the heavens moving slowly
over violet hills, the storm
making its consequential
exodus over the earth
as a lone sun gives it life
and unravels it.

Khristan Doyle