The minnows, shiners, and carp of the family Cyprinidae compose one of the largest fish families in the world with almost 2 thousand species, including 47 in the Northeast. Most species in our area are small, measuring only a few inches as adults. They lack teeth, feed on both insects and algae, and may possess sensory barbells from their mouths.

Redside dace reach an adult size of 2 ½ inches and spawn in May. Their large mouths allow them to take insects from the surface, even in flight.

Blacknose dace can reach 3 inches. Females can lay 750 eggs.

Northern redbelly dace can reach 2 ½ inches. Males possess a red band during breeding.

Cutlips minnow young leave the nest after 6 days.

Fathead minnows

Creek chub typically measure 4 to 6 inches but can reach 10. They possess a sensory barbell from their mouths.

Fallfish are the largest member of the minnow family native to our area. They often measure a foot but can reach 18 inches and 2 pounds.

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